Keep Love in your Heart, life without it is like a sunless Garden

Keep Love in your Heart, life without it is like a sunless Garden
"Room for one more Plant"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tomatos, herbs and other things

As the heading says, tomatos, herbs and other things, let me explain a little here.
The main reason that I grow my own Tomatos is that the ones you can buy in the shops are generally tasteless and in my opinion ( and its my opinion only) that all they are good for is the compost bin. Not really any taste for using in summer salads etc.

The first time I have actually grown passionfruit. I decided that the fence at the side of the house needed something growing on it for a bit of decoration.

I have grown Black Jack Zucchini's before and have found them to do really well. This year I have put in about 1/2 dozen of them as well as a yellow zucchini buckingham to see how it fairs.

And yet another Tomato... one of about 14 this year.

My other section of the garden contains Herbs... Last year I had bought heaps and was growing them in pots just outside the back door. This year they have gone into a patch of the garden bed to have more room and to fill a few spaces. Its not that far from the kitchen, so can still go out and get fresh herbs for cooking.

I might add here that photos will follow in future blogs.

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