Keep Love in your Heart, life without it is like a sunless Garden

Keep Love in your Heart, life without it is like a sunless Garden
"Room for one more Plant"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making your own bread

A few years back I was given a bread making machine and ended up making my own home made bread. (due to the kids still being home and bread at that stage becoming a bit too expensive)...

bread machine

first loaf
Now its been a few years since I did make any and my first loaf turned out rather well. 
When I was making it many years ago, I had the machine working overnight so we could have fresh bread first thing in the morning and made another during the day.  Now that bread seems to be  even more expensive than before and not really knowing how many added nasties they are adding to it, I am back to making my own again. But as usual with me, I have lost or misplaced the original recipe book that came with it....<sighs> but not all is lost, I have found a site where I can buy books on making bread with bread machines...<grins> ...someone actually posted the site to me on another forum which will be useful when I  go to buy it.

They really arent that expensive to run, if you have the machine going overnight when the electricity rates are usually cheaper. So now I am off to make more and have taste testing with different recipes...

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